Premier Implements Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing System

Premier Fixtures clearly views the future of retail-fixture design from a three dimensional vantage point.

For the structural engineer the ability to design spontaneously requires intuitive thinking because until now, the ability to test in real time just didn’t exist. Schematic design concepts could only be proven out through a tedious prototyping process that took weeks, often using outside fabricators at exorbitant costs and as a result there was a tremendous lead-time for new designs to make it to market.  Advanced CAD technology and automated CNC prototyping equipment have streamlined the process, but it’s still painfully slow.

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How Quality Retail Displays Can Increase Sales

Many retailers undermine the value of store fixtures not realizing that it can help in creating a good, valuable and returning customer base. In Mary Lucas’ blog on the value of retail store fixtures, she writes that successful store displays should focus on new trends, compelling designs and increased sales. In fact, she writes, quality retail displays trigger sales increases up to 300% by providing eye-popping display communications that demonstrate brand effectiveness with consistency. Continue reading

Giving Back to the Community at Our Local Oregon Food Bank

Left to Right:  Jeff Kuzmanich, Megan Hetrick, Josh Johnson, Stephanie Sperry, Jay Riverman and Eric Balderas of Premier Fixtures.

Premier’s Oregon employees volunteered for an afternoon at the Oregon Food Bank on December 14th, 2017 where they were joined by a group from Nike to sort 11,400 lbs. of frozen meat and refrigerated goods, all donated from local grocery stores.

The Oregon Food Bank’s goal is to safely feed as many people as they can with what would normally go in the trash.  The items do have expiration dates that still allow for consumption, but they can’t be legally sold.  The Oregon Food Bank supplies 21 regional food banks and roughly 970 partner agencies throughout the state.  In an average month, they provide services for 270,000 people.

Our team spent the afternoon preparing roughly 9,400 meals for hungry Oregonians to be shared with those in need.  Great job team and thank you for making a difference!

Premier NY Adopts A Family For the Holidays

Left to Right:  The Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) – Krista D’Angelis, Sigal Bonilla, John Conticello, Jeremy Conlon, Terry Tanner, Katherine Jordan & Chelsea Walters.

This year, Premier’s New York employees helped those in need by adopting a family.  Our employees spread their love, support and extreme generosity and to that we couldn’t be prouder! Together, we donated over 100 items to a single family, made up of Mom, Dad, 5 Children, 1 Dog and 1 Cat who all suffered tragic losses this past year.

Holiday magic will be sprinkled upon our adopted family as they wake up on Christmas morning to find everything they put on their “Wish List” right under their own tree! This experience brought us great joy and a sense of charity in our hearts as we gave back to the community and truly felt the difference we made.   A very special thank you to Chelsea Walters, of our Sales Service Department, for coordinating this event.

Case Study: How Japanese Kaizen Improved Efficiency and Increased Capacity

The Japanese term Kaizen translates literally as change (“kai”) for good (“zen”). As a personal philosophy, it focuses on improvement throughout all aspects of life.  As a managerial philosophy, Kaizen encourages continuous learning and improvement. When implemented with Lean Six Sigma processes, ongoing Kaizen improvements create a compounding effect. Continue reading

Premier Fixtures names Robert Bomholt Sr. Vice President of Business Development – Hospitality Sector

For over 40 years, Premier Fixtures has been an industry leading supplier of state-of-the-art fixtures, going beyond all of our clients’ needs. It was also just this year that Premier was awarded a place on the INC. 5000 list, which was the icing on the cake of another incredible year for the company.      

When the opportunity arose to bring on Robert Bomholt as our Senior Vice President of Business Development in the Hospitality Sector, there was a clear opportunity to further our growth into different industries. His past work clearly identifies him as a valuable player to continue Premier’s path of success.

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A Milestone On The Way To The Top!

Being awarded a spot on the Inc. 5000 List, has compelled Premier Fixtures to continue our efforts as well as strive for new breakthroughs. This honor helps boost employee morale and validates that we are growing in the right direction! Having our company name on this list is a great testament to everyone included in making all our accomplishments possible.

Our team is proud to use our skills, experience and modern technology to be an integral part in helping numerous regional and national clients turn their creative ideas into successful business opportunities.

Premier Fixtures is a recognized leader in our industry and ranks among one of the largest fixture providers in North America.  We’ve experienced substantial growth over the last decade, and have already established plans for continued expansion; which is a large part of why we are so grateful to be recognized on this years Inc. 5000 list.

We have hit a milestone and are on our way to achieving our goals. Premier is truly excited to continue to transform visions into realities!

Premier Fixtures Makes The Inc. Magazine 2017 List!

We at Premier are excited and honored to announce that we have been named an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company, and are being acknowledged for all of our hard work.

Inc. Magazine’s List is one of the most prestigious awards in business. It features some of the fastest-growing private companies in America, recognizing and honoring their success.

This award identifies the rapid development in certain private firms in America, which are always creating. Creating companies, creating values and creating jobs.

Inc. Magazine’s list gives readers a deeper and richer understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and captures a broad spectrum of success. It provides exposure in national, local and industry media, giving each recipient their own profile on

Check out the companies, including Premier Fixtures, who have creatively driven to the top of this year’s Inc. 5000 List:  Click here!

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on the many accolades Premier has proudly achieved, as well as more about our growing presence in the industry.



It’s Time To Spill The Beans About Seattle’s Longtime Affair With Coffee

As it turns out, the secret actually lies in the beans. The first sparks of this passionate and heavily caffeinated relationship dates back over 60 years to the youthful counterculture of the 50’s and early 60’s. From Greenwich Village to the west coast— smoke-filled, coffee-saturated, beatnik-packed clubs were inundated with rebellious youth who, according to Seattle historian Walt Crowley was about making a statement. “You weren’t hanging out at Dick’s or Burger Master with the muscle-car guys after the football game, or at the soda fountain like the glee club. It was about rebelling, and smoking, with eclectic, potentially dangerous people.” In Seattle, the first of these popular coffee houses to open its doors was the “Café Encore” in 1958.

Throughout the 60’s, thousands of baby boomers enrolled at the University of Washington— continually packing these coffee houses along “The Ave.”— listening to music, protesting the establishment, and drinking java. Down the coast in Berkeley, California, a coffee importer, named Alfred Peet, recognized the skyrocketing potential of these hangouts as a respite for disaffected baby boomers. He opened Peet’s Coffee & Tea in 1966. Meanwhile, back in Seattle Peet’s buddy, Zev Siegel and two other former Seattle college students were starting a fledging roasting business. Driven by a passion to create exceptional coffee, and in need of a local source for high-quality, imported beans, Siegel convinced Peet to sell them his magic coffee beans. This startup… became Starbucks, which opened its doors in 1970. Zev Siegel left the business in the early 80’s as the largest roaster in Washington State.

Howard Shultz, Starbucks’ recently retired, and influential, CEO came onboard in 1982, and had the incredible insight to recognize that latte, espresso and cappuccino was the wave of coffee’s future. The rest, as they say… is history. Starbucks, its iconic mermaid, and the city of Seattle are forever linked. While the weather in the northwest can often be cold, damp and unforgiving, coffee is a warm and welcomed elixir. As Joshua Boyt, from Victoria Coffee Roasters, perfectly phrased it, “coffee is our liquid sunshine in Seattle.” This city provided a cradle for coffee to take off in the 1970s and 1980s — given the right climate of expertise, consumer interest, business acumen, and… of course… the perfect beans.

The familiar Starbucks brand is a globally recognized presence. Premier Fixtures, and Synsor Corporation, are proud to play a role in the promotional advancement of the Starbucks name— exhibited by the sleek kiosk design created by the Company’s talented engineering, and production teams. The recent merger of Synsor and Premier Fixtures incorporates 45 years of display-marketing expertise— in a diverse range of markets and industries. The combined talents of these industry giants offers tremendous strategic insight, and brings a dynamic, coast-to-coast advantage to Premier’s growing family of high-profile, consumer brands.